Duration of the module

30 minutes

Objective of the module

Understand the power of branding in the context of a rural tourism destination or business / Learn how to create your own Brand Blueprint, Brand Guide and Brand Toolkit / Manage your brand effectively from a holistic point of view across all channels / Know how to develop your Marketing Collateral in a way that differentiates your product and position according to tourism buyer behaviour / Live Your Brand so well that your customers can immediately identify and trust what you stand for and the experiences you deliver / Discover European brand strengthening approaches, examples and case studies / Explore how other rural tourism regions have innovatively evolved their brand during COVID

Content of the module

  • Introduction to Rural Tourism Destination Branding
  • Rural Tourism Destination Branding Definitions
  1. Step 1 Tourism Ireland, Create Your Rural Tourism Brand Blueprint
  2. Step 2 The Branding Process Never Ends, Trust and Follow the Process
  3. Step 3 Limerick, Ireland Develop Your Brand Toolkit & Check Your Brand Identity
  • Case Study: Italy, Marche Region, Strengthens its Brand Through Images and Messaging on Social Media, Website and Marketing Campaigns
  1. Step 4 Develop Your Marketing Collateral in Line with Your Brand
  2. Step 5 How to Live Your Brand!
  3. Step 6 Review and Monitor Your Brand
  • Case Study: Germany Strengthens its Rural Tourism Brand by Focusing on Wellbeing, Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Case Study: Portugal, MARCA, Saidas De Mestra Strengthens its Brand During COVID by Digitally Modifying its Experiences

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